If you want to learn more detail about a sport like rugby, then it’s better to read some books about it. Rugby is a very competitive and popular game, and people all over the world love it.

Many former players and coaches have written books about it to let people know about this wonderful sport. Here are some books that we recommend you read.


By – James Karr

The book gives reference to the New Zealand All Blacks, one of the most successful rugby teams in the world. From this book, you will learn how to reach the top despite many difficulties. You will know how to lead a team well; the mindset needed to play and win a match, the values and visions the players should have, and more.

Ruck Me

By – James Haskell

The book is written by the rugby star James Haskell. The book is about the self-discovery of James after talking to his family, friends, and colleagues. Here he reflects on his career and memories related to rugby. It is a funny book, and you will enjoy reading it.

Rugby for Dummies

By – Mathew Brown

If you are new to rugby, then this book is for you. Here you will know how the game is played in North America and Canada. You will know about different strategies to win the game. You will learn about the rugby rules and positions, fitness training, winning techniques, and more.

These books are a good read. You will be able to learn a lot about rugby which will help you to become a good rugby player in the future.