Whether you are planning for fundraising events to collect funds for your club’s renovation, organising tournaments, or for a local charity, here you will get some awesome ideas for raising funds. These events are exciting and will draw a lot of people to your event.

Selling Advertising Space

You can sell advertising space on boards on various sides of the field. You can also sell space on your scoreboard. You can set up portable boards so that you can change them or move them around in different spaces during each game. This way, more companies will get good exposure, and they will be happy to buy the advertising space from the club.


You can search local enterprises to sponsor your minibus, kit bags, or even tournaments. There can be people in your family who own a company, and you can approach them easily.

Bag Packing

You can volunteer to work in supermarkets one day and help the supermarket staff with bag packing. The customers will be happy to meet the local star players and give donations for a good cause. This will also familiarize the customers with your club, and this can be a good promotional strategy for your club.

Charity Game Day

You can have a fun day playing rugby to raise funds. At the field, you can provide food, have quiz competitions, or have other short games where the audiences can participate. You can give prizes to the winners. You should have tickets for the events, and the money collected can be used for your club’s goals.

Matchday Tuck Shop

You can set up a tuck shop during a tournament. Just have a small table and a hot water dispenser. Bring some tea bags, biscuits, and coffee. You can also keep some snack items to sell.

These fundraising ideas will help you to collect a lot of money with less effort in a short time. You can then use the fund for purposes important to the club.