Tips For Becoming A Better Rugby Player

It is great watching a rugby player running around the field with that oval-shaped ball. But it takes a lot of effort and skills to perform in the field. If you want to become a good rugby player, you need to learn the right skills. Here are some tips for becoming a better rugby player.

Tackling Technique

You need to learn the tackling technique well. You should first balance yourself on the two feet and get ready to move once the attacker takes a step. Your back leg will provide the stability you need to move forward.

You should practice tackling on both sides; that way, you will feel much confident. If you are weak on the left side, then try to strengthen that side and vice versa.

Defend the Breakdown

When you are around the breakdown area, you can get an assisted tackle so that you can face the opponent in a better way. That way, you can drive them back. You should be able to spot the opportunity that you get at the breakdown. You should seize the gaps that occur between opposition support players. You can either jump on the ball or play a defensive line.

The Sidestep

If you want to beat the defenders, you need to start running at an angle instead of going straight. Try to drag the defender in one direction and later change momentum to leave the opponent flat-footed. Try to push the defender to one side.

Kicking the Ball

You should lean the ball a bit forward so that you get the sweet spot. Try to run comfortably before kicking. You should practice nailing a kick between posts. This will reduce your in-game pressures as you will be earning more points this way.

These are some of the important skills that you need to learn to become a good rugby player. Once you practice these well, you can become a winner.

The Evolution of the Rugby Player

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